Since 1996, with the founding of the first company in the corporate group: PuntoCom, officially known then as Queen Server on 17 September of that year, VGCORP has accumulated over a thousand satisfied customers in every one of the continents planet, becoming received several international awards for quality and excellence of his work in the network and especially for full compliance with all global standards issued by the W3C (World Wide web Consorcium ) and others quality on the web.

Originality in design, update speed and creativity on the web structures, original schemes ecommerce model of effective and fruitful virtual education, tools for digital journalism, the highest technology in web administration and many others, are characteristics marked work exposed to throughout the information superhighway. Currently, the corporation is composed of 12 entities considered primary divisions and nearly 30 entities consist of organizations which are in the process of incorporation . Together form the cornerstone of this virtual corporate group.